1920s Mens Fashion

1920s Mens Fashion

1920s Mens Fashion

1920 men fashion

1920s Mens Fashion is arguably the starting point for modern fashion trends. In fact, the very core of the modern suit designs were set by the 1920s. So what made the 1920s so special? For starter, social customs were beginning to be relaxed, which allowed both men and women to experiment with forward-thinking designs. The 1920s fashion style still had an air of classic sophistication, but undeniably with a twist of fun.The style is coming back to the forefront. Resurfacing in part to Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Great Gatsby, a movie depicting the Roaring Twenties. For modern men, this 1920s look will draw many eyes and praises. The look is unique and trendsetting.

Overview of 1920 Men Fashion

  • Heavier Material

In the 1920s, suits were made of wool while pants were made of wool-based flannel. These materials are in sharp contrast to today’s trend of lighter material. It is this distinct flair that will be one of the first thing that people notice. Suits pants usually (but not always) matched the suit jacket. Patterns could be a solid tone or simple design (vivid plaids, checks, and stripes). An additional feature to think about is the flap pockets. The 1920s suits had two sets of flap pockets. This is not a necessary requirement but would be an added bonus.

  • High Lapels and High Pants

Suits were either single or double breasted and feature around three buttons. Importantly, the top button came to the center of the heart giving way to notch lapels. The highness of the lapels is what sets the 1920 suits apart from other eras and is a necessity to pull off the look. Pants were very high, sitting above the bellybutton, secured by suspenders or a leather belt. It’s a good idea for your socks to show if you’re sticking to the style.

  • The All Important Vest

The fashion requires a 3 piece suit with a matching vest. It is essential that the vest be high v necks with full body coverage. A short vest would not pass. Accompanying the vest, is the signature shirt with attached collars, preferably white. The white collars against a solid or striped shirt is a stunning look. Shirt should be tucked in firmly and to be never exposed.


The Fun Twist

Accessories, though not a requirement, can add a fun twist to the 1920s mens fashion look. Gloves and pocket squares were common in the 1920s and their respective color often matched. Bright color like yellow or red gloves were preferred over traditional black, brown, or gray. The bright color is a distinct contrast to the suit.

Neck wear is also a good addition. Either a bow-tie (usually puffy) in fun stripes or polka dots, necktie in striped or plain, or a neck scar tie will do. Neckties were narrow and short, a few inches above the pants.

The 1920’s hairstyle wasn’t distinct from any other period. Like traditional hairstyle, the optimal look was short and clean-cut. Almost military in appearance. Men’s hats were commonly wore. The rich wore top hats or homburg hat, while the middle class wore fedora. If you are able to wear a top hat or fedora, then by all means do so.


1920s fashion




1920s Mens Fashion

1920s Mens Fashion

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