80s Fashion Men

80s Fashion Men


When someone mentions 80s fashion men, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Crazy hair, jumpsuit jackets with outrageous color and stripes, and tight pants that exposes non-matching socks are the first thing that comes to mind. Am I right? The good news is that this trend is no longer reserved for Halloween. In fact the 80s trend is making a mini-renaissance. Like any new renaissance, it’s usually a marriage of old trends with a modern twist.


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We will cover casual wear first. The defining characteristics of the 80s is the famous baggy jumpsuit. The most notorious of which is the baggy pants, MC Hammer anyone? For female, baggy pants are coming back in a big way in the fashion trends. It’s not clear if baggy pants will hit mainstream. However, for men, we have to trend very carefully. In fact, baggy pants is a no-no right now. Baggy jumpsuit jackets, on the other hand, is hot. The emphasis is on COLOR. The more unique the combination of colors are … the better. Patterns do not need to be complicated. One very key issue: Do NOT go overboard. If you go overboard, then it becomes a costume. Please trend very lightly on this matter, ex. neon jumpsuit jackets are not to be worn lightly if ever. Baggy sweater is a good alternative to the jackets. Logo on sweater is fine.

For casual wear in the spring and summer, eye wear piece is crucial. The 80s Ray-Ban Wayfarer and the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses were made famous by Tom Cruise in his two signature films: Risky Business and Top-Gun. Both styles are still relevant today. However, today’s 80s fashion style trend doesn’t “require” this style. You can mix and match any sunglasses to achieve the look.

For pants, tight fitting pants in pastel color is good to go. Black is not a good color for the 80s casual wear. It is imperative that there be no embellishment or design on the pants. This would take away from your unique top (e.g. sweater). A word on shoe, go crazy. From simple color high-top to crazy pattern, the 80s wear allows you to wear whatever shoes you desire. Heck even a simple K-swiss tennis shoes look good with the ensemble.


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Not that we cover casual wear, we will cover the more stylized 80s fashion. This stylized new trend is all about sophistication with a 80s twists. The first necessity: shorter pants . Pants that exposes “some” but not the entire sock is preferable. Unlike the baggy pants of the 80s, today’s new 80s style is tight fitting pants that is a tad more baggy than the skinny jean. The ensemble looks much like the “preppy.” Is anyone surprised by this? The “preppy” begin to unfold during the 80’s. Argyle sweaters and vests, which are very popular in the 80s, should be substituted for more modern style. For example, a simple vest as a top looks sleeky and signifies 80s Fashion Men. To pull off the stylized 80’s look, its a good idea to have a preppy clean haircut. If you have long hair, make it a point to draw attention away from your hair and into your preppy clothe. Roll-up sleeves and stylish vests are two good ideas to complement the long hair.



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80s Fashion Men

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