Mens Swimwear Guidelines

Mens Swimwear

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People think Mens Swimwear is easy. And that all you have to do is to put “something” on … “anything” on to look good. While we agree that woman have a more difficult task, for men, selecting the right swimwear is no picnic. There are different style to pick and there are different pattern to think about. There is so much to cover.


In this post, we will simply cover the basic guidelines and go over the styles. We break down each style and gives pointers for people. We’ll cover the following:


1. Briefs
2. Trunks
3. Square Cut
4. Jammers
5. Fundoshi




  • Swim Briefs

Swim briefs cover a fair amount of options. This category includes competition briefs, bathers, racer bathers, racing briefs … and of course, speedos. Swim brief are often made of nylon and spandex material. Some briefs are made with polyester. As one can imagine, the style has a full range from thong style to full legged. However, the majority of swim briefs are short in length. Historically, swim briefs were known more for performance in competitive swimming and diving (made popular by Speedo brand). It is also commonly used in water polo where racing suits are usually worn. Swim briefs, however, has become more popular in the fashion world. This is especially true in Europe where patterns and styles are being emphasize over performance.

It goes without saying that the better your body is, the better this style will be. This style is uncompromising when it comes to physique. One of the key feature is the buttocks. This is not the style for a flat buttock. A tone leg is also ideal and we would argue a necessity for this style. Your leg does not to be bulky muscular but it does have to be fit looking.

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  • Swim Trunks

Trunks are a more relaxed version of the briefs. It is usually loose and mid-thigh high. The materials are usually 100% polyester or nylon fabric. Within this categories, we have board shorts and boxer shorts. There is usually a polyester liner inside the shorts. This category gain prominence during the heyday of Baywatch, the epic TV shows that is more about looks than plot. Note in the UK, sometime the word “trunks” is used to describe swim briefs.

mens swim trunks

For men who have scrawny legs, trunks are the way to go. Lets be honest for a second: how many men have great legs? How many men actually do leg workout in the gym. We love to work the upper body but dedicate little to no time for leg exercise. Is it a surprise that swim trunks are the most popular swimwear? For guys with big calves, avoid trunks that are too long.

mens board shorts


  • Square Leg Suits or Square Cut

Historically, this style was considered more conservative than the swim briefs. Like swim briefs, they are made of nylon and spandex composite. Unlike their cousin, this style provides more coverage for the upper leg than briefs. This style was very popular in the 1950s and has since seen a huge revival thanks to our brothers down south, Australia. It is now¬† common to see colorful floral pattern and geometric prints on the suit. This is current the “In Style” for swimwear.

If you’re into the latest trend, this style is it. The square cut is quickly replacing the briefs and trunks. It is not necessary to have muscular or above-thigh for this look. It certainly do help. Like briefs, this style is not very forgiving if your body is sub par. This style is not for those with flat buttocks.

mens swimwear


  • Swim Jammer

Swim jammer is used in competitive swimming for speed advantages. If you’re going for that “athletic” look, this is a good look especially if you have long muscular legs. Guys who have underwhelming buttocks and are unusually tall and skinny should look into this style. For muscular guy with heavy bulk, this is a definite pass.

swim jammers


  • Fundoshi

People think speedo is the most “adventurous” style. Boy, do they need to learn a bit or two about fundoshi. Fundoshi is the traditional undergarment for Japanese male. First, used as underwear in Japan, this was replaced after World War II with the introduction of new underwear to the Japanese markets (briefs and trunks). Fundoshi is now used mostly for traditional ceremony and swimwear. It is very rare to see it in mens swimwear. People simply don’t wear it. The main reason is that it exposes the buttocks more so than anything out there. This style is best reserved for those with amazing buttocks and bodies … and those who are simply daring.




Mens Swimwear

Mens Swimwear

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