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Everyone loves mens t shirts. Its easy, its comfortable, and its relaxing. And best of all, there are very few guidelines for wearing them. As long as it fits and looks good, its hard to go wrong with t shirts. The current trend in t shirts are prints and designs. Having an elaborate print stands out and every fashion house is trying to cash in. This has been going on for a number of years and we have noticed a shift back towards “less elaborate” print. Prints these days are still nice looking but more casual in style. See picture below:


mens t shirts


There is no doubt that the current iteration of t-shirts is putting more focus on body tone. The fitter and tighter the shirt, the more impressive it looks today. So keep your physique in good shape. Pay extra attention to your traps and triceps. People tend to focus too much on the bicep whereas the traps and triceps rank up there in terms of desirable feature. Vertical patterns/prints on t-shirts have recently been given more attention. This vertical pattern could be subtle but add an appearance of slim and fit.

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The days of wearing t-shirt as a “going out” shirt is over. That trends died two years ago. Unless you’re a college students, do not wear t-shirts for nice occasions. As you enter the young professional field or mature field, a casual dress shirt is better than a t-shirt, no matter how fancy the t-shirt prints are or how expensive it is, it’s best to stick with the dress shirt. If you do decide to go with a t-shirt, have a blazer or sports jacket to complement the t-shirt for those special occasions. We, however, would still advise to stick to the quintessential dress shirt for those casual moments where you want to meet someone special.

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