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Men Style

Very few people can pull off Men Style. What do we mean by that? It means that many people makes style mistakes and that’s it’s rare for the modern man to pull off a good look. One of the most common mistake is constantly changing style. We are not surprised by that, with male style changing frequently for all different seasons, its hard to stay on top of what is working and what is not working. Fashion is an evolving process with many different parts and changes. However, there are timeless classic principles that will always work, 100% of the time. Follow these style pointers to stay on course!

  •  Clean Cut is a Must

A clean cut look will never fail  to impress. It is not difficult to pull off this theme. One of the most important pointers is to achieve consistency. This means haircut is well-maintained and body tone is well groomed, at all times. A clean face and good posture will stand out more than clothe itself. Poorly maintained eyebrows, loose facial hair, and disinterested look are major turn offs. There is no excuse for clothe to be poorly maintained. Nicely pressed shirts and pants are minimum requirement that requires little to no effort.  Simply keeping this clean profile will put you ahead of 90%+ of the crowd. Maintaining such a look will ensure that your style never goes old.

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  • If you can do Masculinity, do Masculinity

The defining characteristics that separate men from women is that of masculinity. Masculinity does NOT mean macho. Macho is an attitude that goes beyond masculinity that borders on narcissism. Masculinity on the other hand is all about confidence. An internal peace of mind that says you’re comfortable with your body and clothe. It’s an expression of  “I don’t care what the next guy think, I feel pretty confident.” To have this style, one has to be comfortable enough to show. This means wearing unbutton shirt to the extreme. This means rolling up your sleeves. This means wearing accessories confidently. This style is best accompanied by basic pattern, such as a plain undershirt. A tank top is a good alternative. Rugged shoe is a nice touch to the look. The more dirt and usage shoes shows, typically the better. But don’t go overboard.

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  • Be careful with Effeminate look

Last and certainly not least, effeminate look should be carefully examined if not outright avoided. If you have the body structure and facial feature, this is a great style. Yes, you need BOTH (body structure and facial feature). We would say less than 1% of the male population can meet this requirement. We think its best for the general male population to stay away or trend lightly on the matter. People who have broad shoulders are best to leave this style alone. We have yet to see a broad shoulder male pull off the look. Most of the time, it looks a bit overwhelming, truth be told. If you do pull of this Men Style, considered yourself the few fortunate ones.

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Men Style

Men Style

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