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Fernando Torres

fernando torres


Blessed with boyish-good looks, Fernando Torres is not only a talented footballer but a style icon. Fernando plays for Chelsea, not to mention is a striker for the national team of Spain. He is nicknamed El Nino, which means The Kid, in Spanish. A fitting name for a guy who still retains the desirable boyish charm, despite being 28 years of age. He’s known for being cool and calm in front of the goal. Both adjective (cool and calm) not surprisingly well-described his hairstyle.

Fernando’s signature style is the layered cut hairstyle with wavy hair. Most men would avoid this look due to concerns that it might look effeminate, which is not surprising. After all, this style originated from woman.  But if you have boyish looks like Fernando, this is a style that would separate you from the rest of the pack.  If you can pull of this style, you’re one of the lucky few. One benefit of this style is that it never looks bad as you age. As long as you still retain your boyish feature. The most attractive feature of this style is that when combinef it with a sophisticated look (nice suit for example), you’ll be the talk of the town. The combination of boyish hair and sophisticated look is one of the few pinnacle of fashion styles. It is rare to see the two together.

fernando torres hairstyle
fernando torres style


The latest trend for footballers is the fohawk (faux hawk). Fernando is spotting that look, which we think is not a great look for him. However, he’s doing it for football reasons. It’s easier to play with shorter hair than long wavy hair. So we don’t blame him for football reasons, after all he gets paid $$ millions. But for style purposes, we think the wavy layered hair is best for him. For readers, a fohawk is a good option if the wavy layered hair is not an option.





Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

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